Mini Sex Dolls Japanese Sex Doll 100% Material TPE – 100cm Hina

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Mini Sex Dolls Japanese Sex Doll 100% Material TPE – 100cm Hina

Japanese sex doll today has become a common thing to many, as the business of selling has become famous due to their demand. Each day there is a new request raised to get a sex doll for a couple or an individual. It has been noted that it is not only the single people that buy the sex dolls but also couples.
The need for these sex toys has also increased due to a family vacation. They need a small sex toy that they can carry in their bag whenever they go for a vacation or a hike. This has increased the demand for a mini silicone sex doll which is highly portable to any place without anyone knowing. Keep this a secret is the best way since not many people approve that using sex toys is an appropriate way of satisfying yourself.

  • Skin material: TPE
  • Internal structure: metal skeleton
  • Bust/waist/hip: 63cm*38cm*60cm
  • Weight: 12kg
  • Height: 100cm (3’3″)
  • Opening: vagina, anal, oral
  • Vagina depth: 16cm
  • anal depths: 14cm
  • Oral depth: 11cm
  • Feet length: 15.5cm

The price of mini silicone sex doll also varies giving a chance to those who are not blessed with a lot of money to afford it. The price varies with the quality of the mini silicone sex doll and its material. The better the material, the higher the price and this applies to the material.
When searching for the best Japanese sex doll online, remember to select a reputable company by reading online reviews about that company. This is because not all companies sell genuine Japanese sex doll. You might buy it and it ends up getting destroyed within no time.
As easy as it, buying this mini sex doll online will need you to access a website that sells a Japanese sex dollJapanese sex doll and go through the sex doll they have and select your choice. Once you are done, place your order and proceed as their online checkout process requires. Once you have checked out, in the process you will be asked to provide your address and they will deliver it to you, and now you will be able to enjoy yourself.


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